Saturday, August 14, 2010

Apparently I Was Too Lazy to Title This Post

Party one of 2 parties in 2 days for 2 babies went well.

Check that one off my to-do list. Sixty taquitos was a very generous estimate and now I'm left with a bag full in my fridge. Its always better to have too much of something than not enough though.

Now today is Ava's birthday. There's no time right now for my sappy I can't believe she's already one! post. That one will have to be postponed till tomorrow. Today everything in my house is calling my name and beckoning for my attention. My to-do list is still a mile long. I'm hearing voices calling me.

The laundry: Fold us already! The bathroom rug is in here and it needs to go back into the bathroom after The Great Mouthwash Spill of 2010. You're gonna need all these dishrags and towels. You'll be sorry if you ignore us cause later you'll be digging through a laundry basket looking for a towel!

The cabbage in the fridge: I'm not gonna make myself into coleslaw lady! Don't forget the celery seed, its your secret ingredient.

My left hand: You really need to be more careful. Its not like you've never used a grill before and yet there you were last night burning me because you weren't paying close enough attention. I'm still pretty sore so you'd better make your husband sweep and mop. Just make sure to tell him where you keep the broom, I don't think he knows.

The kitchen floor: You can't ignore me forever. I know you've relaxed your attitude towards me since Ava learned to walk and her knees aren't dirty cause of me, but come on already! Those little black bugs that have invaded Benson are all over the place, not to mention the cupcake crumbs, yet still you just sit there, typing on the computer. If I had legs I'd be outta here!

The 10 lbs of roast in the crockpot: Aren't you sick of smelling beef yet? Its getting pretty old around here after the roast you cooked yesterday. You better hurry up and shred me and get me seasoned and slathered in bbq sauce. You act like I'm not a priority. Like you have better things to do or something. Its just plain insulting.

I'd better go issue a gag order before the living room floor gets in on the action, whining about needing vacuumed.

Happy Birthday to my Ava!

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Jet-Setting Divas said...

Aw happy birthday to ava! glad the party went well! after you get done with your to-do list you will be warn out!


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