Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ava's First Birthday Extravaganza

She was a little apprehensive about the whole Sitting in a corner with 20 people watching her eat cake thing. She ended up hugging her cupcake to her chest, glancing suspiciously around at everyone like they were all going to try to take it from her. I'm not sure that any of it even made it into her mouth.


A quick family pic after everyone left. Alana was here against her will so Ava was concerned. My forehead is all shiny and David is mad that he had to stop eating his cupcake to take a picture. Probably should've taken the pic at the beginning of the party.

The day of Ava's party was long and hectic and busy OH MY! We had a giant Costco cake and giant cupcakes, tons of ice cream and cookies, bbq beef and coleslaw and beans, and 3 coolers full of soda, capri sun and water. Our tiny house was packed to the brim with family and friends (Thanks everyone for coming!!) and Ava got lots and lots of presents. Lots and lots. Mostly clothes with a sprinkling of toys.

She was mostly interested in walking around and showing off her walking skills. Cake wasn't that compelling to her and neither were the presents. At one point I was left opening her presents by myself after she walked over to sit with David. Boxes upon boxes of clothes aren't that interesting to babies. She had funner things to do.

The day flew by and I was so busy I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I would've liked. Ava looks all grouchy in most of them so I'm thinking a possible reshoot is in order. If I'm feeling ambitious I'll put her back in her dress and snap a few pics. Hopefully I'll catch a smile or two.

I still can't believe she's one. She is walking around everywhere and most recently mastered the mid-floor stand-up. She feeds herself and is an expert sippy cup drinker. She loves to play with any and all toys that make noise and dance along with the music. She gives kisses, or leans in to receive them when you offer her one. She has long beautiful eyelashes and soft dark hair, which is growing fast. She is the proud owner of six teeth, which she loves to brush. She is a rebel against hairbows and headbands, and pulls them off at every opportunity. Her opinion on shoes hasn't changed much either. They are the enemy. She is perfect and precious and I love her!

I learned a few valuable lessons:

There is a thing as too much food for a birthday party. But David still doesn't agree.
August is hot.
Raid Flying Insect Spray works pretty good. It killed off the 1,000 flies that invaded our back room.
Babies turn one the day after you bring them home from the hospital. So don't blink or you'll miss it.
Don't plan on folding laundry on the day of a party. You won't have time.
Also don't wait to shower and do your hair till one hour prior to party time. It'll be a close call.
Costco cake is delicious. Serve it instead of the 1,000 cupcakes your husband insists on buying.
Toys for one year olds are also appealing to three year olds.
Leaving party decorations up for an undetermined amount of time will not slow time. But I'm still not taking them down yet. And I'm the girl who takes down the Christmas tree the day after Christmas.


Jess said...

She's so cute! Both of your girls are. Happy Birthday to Ava! I was so sad when both of my girls hit one. My oldest will be three in January and I'm freaking out. She'll be in pre-K soon! AAAHHH!

You're right, they grow so fast it's ridiculous.

Glad the party was a success! The cake was really cute too!

Amy and Luke said...

Happy Happy Birthday Ava! I put a bday post in her honor yesterday! OMG, I can't believe she still gets in her swing, Gage refuses his! AND I can't believe in 3 months, my little guy will be ONE!

Kerri said...

Happy birthday to Ava!!!! That family photo makes me laugh.

Beth and Marley said...

AWE! So cute, and I would totally guard my giant cupcake too! Happy Belated Birthday to Ava!

Ally said...

nawww so cute!!!!!
your baby is beautiful x

JoJo said...

Looks like it was a blast and I'm salivating over all that food! Happy Birthday Ava!

sEy said...

Yay..happy birthday learned a lot from this celebration. time really flies faster.


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