Tuesday, July 27, 2010

That's YOUR Daughter

Its not always easy to see yourself in your children. When people say Oh, she looks just like you!, its easy to look around you and wonder what kid they're looking at.

People rarely tell me my kids look like me, because as far as family resemblance goes, they look like their daddy.

Exhibit A

If I ever have to wonder which one of us has the dominant genes, all I have to do is take a step back and look.

But there are moments in my life when I am struck with a realization: She is so my kid.

David and I both have these moments. Whenever one of our ladies is doing something that is more specific to one of us, that is our fallback. That's YOUR daughter.

When my ladies sit on the floor and devour a pound of ramen noodles. When Alana insists on watching zombie movies late at night. When Ava chugs her drink like its going out of style. When I look at their crazy dark curls, taken hostage by the humidity and running wild, and their long dark eyelashes. When they eat SPAM (gag me) that David fried, or anything covered in BBQ sauce, or ranch, or ketchup. When Alana used to throw her arms up in celebration and yell Touchdown, Go Cowboys! When Alana picks out her Cowboys jersey to wear and its not even football season. That's when they are definitely David's daughters.

When they eat all the cabbage out of their dinner and Alana declares That green stuff is good! When Alana will sit for an hour with a coloring book and box of crayons. When Ava gives lots of lovey hugs to me and insists on sleeping right next to me. When Alana insists on helping cook dinner, even though she is more hinder than help. When they both eat the bread out of their meal first (that's the best part). When Alana wears a pink tutu with her everyday clothes and plaid ballet flats with a striped shirt. When I look at Ava's long toes and long feet, which were declared BIG at birth, by all hospital personnel in the room. She has such long eyelashes, and BIG feet! When Alana insists on having her toenails painted at all times, but doesn't want anyone combing her hair. That's when they are definitely my daughters.


sEy said...

You're such a great mother! No one can enumerate as such. You really knew them.

Mary Nevin said...

what a sweet entry. they are so lucky to have you as their mom :)

Nicole said...

Cute kids!

chocoholic said...

So sweet!

SERENA said...

Aww such a sweet entry! And your daughters look so adorable in all the pictures! :)

ps. I'm with you re. eating the bread first! Can't beat it!


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