Monday, July 26, 2010

Rules I never thought I'd have to make before I had kids

Please don't put your toes and/or feet up your sister's nose.

No coloring while sitting on the potty.

Don't spit chewed up blackberries into the pool.

You have to wear underwear at the dinner table.

Don't leave your fake fingernails on the floor because your sister will eat them.

Don't say come in to whoever is at the door if Mommy is naked.

Don't wipe your donut frosting on my shirt at Wal-Mart.

Ava is not a horse. Please don't try to ride her.

Don't wipe boogers on your dress.

Don't point out people's weight problems out loud at Wal-Mart. (As in: Mommy, that lady is fat!)

I'm sure this list could be much longer. But Alana was mostly well behaved this weekend so she didn't give me much material to work with.


Kat said...

Hahaha... those are great!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely HYSTERICAL! From the mouths of babes!

chelsea provencio said...

adoarable. defintely one of my new favorite blogs to follow :)


chocoholic said...

Haha! gotta love the things kids say/do

JoJo said...

Good list, you are a great mommy!

sEy said...

she got me freaking on pointing other's people weight problem at Wal-Mart. :) If I was there when she said that, I will laugh out loud. She's very innocent.

Lady Rynn said...

Got to love kids and the wonderful rules we have to create in order to accommodate some of the weirdest things.


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