Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eleven months! How did that happen?

Today this little stinker is 11 months old! What the heck? How did the last (almost) year go by so fast?

Now my lady is trying to walk, feeding herself, playing all the time and constantly stealing my heart. She is working on getting her top two teeth, and she's about half finished. They are poking out for all the world to see, but you almost have to turn her upside down to sneak a peek.

She loves to give her mommy hugs and love. She really loves playing with Alana and all of Alana's toys.

Books that make noise are her new favorite thing. As soon as she is released onto the floor to roam about, she speed crawls over to the book cupboard and pulls out all of our noisiest books. Then she pushes the buttons on them and dances to the sounds like they're music.

She loves to dance to everything, and can shake her butt like no baby has ever shaken their butt before.

She crawls like crazy, with her head down to run straight into stuff.

Any minute my baby will be one. And a whole new chapter will begin. One where I have to face bigger carseats, walking, weaning, no more onesies, bigger louder toys and a constantly growing lady. Who wants to grow up even faster than she already is.


Mary Nevin said...

such a beautiful picture!! they do grow up uber fast :)

chocoholic said...

She's so cute!

sEy said...

Ava is so cute!!! Looks innocent on that picture

Amy and Luke said...

Yay Ava, happy 11 months, my little guy is 8 mos. Old today!

Kathy Kloos said...

and yesterday you were her least 2 me. The way you feel about your daughters? That's how I feel about you and your sister.

The Mrs. said...

she is so adorable!!!! I love that she crawls head down!!!! My youngest refused to walk on her own. She started walking on her own when we moved into this apartment, I think its because it was so empty for so long, lol

Happy 11 months baby girl!!!


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