Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our Week (So Far) in Pictures

Ava is always a fan of spaghetti night, followed by a cookie to give her a little mustache.

We built an awesome fort. I drew upon my years of experience at fort making. Alana thought it was cool, Ava thought it was weird.
Alana and Ava inside our top secret super cool fort/hideout.                                              
Alana is my little sous chef. No matter what I'm cooking she is there to assist. She's an excellent meatball roller. Sometimes she's more hinder than help, but someday she will be a good cook all on her own. Then she can make me some food for once.
Ava and Alana played some dress-up with their daddy and did some major accessorizing.

Playing with your cousins can be exhausting. Sometimes when you come home from their house all you want to do is just lay down and take a nap, even if that nap is on the kitchen floor.

Fudgesicles are not my friend. They should be considered hostile and removed from the property immediately. If encountered, your child will look like this and their clothes will be stained beyond repair.

Its still spaghetti night, and Ava's showing some proof that she got two top teeth. Impressive.

My two couch potatoes. Ava was laying there by herself, till I got out the camera. Heaven forbid anyone take a picture without Alana in it. Or Dug.


chocoholic said...

So cute! Love the fort!

Shelley Ann said...

cute pictures! forts are always awesome and so are spaghetti nights! :)

JoJo said...

Theres so much I love about all these pics. They're too cute for words. Ava's face in the fort is priceless. I'm also jealous of Alana's fabulous jewelry collection and I think it's sweet she shared with her sister and gave her a necklace :-).

sEy said...

you got 2 fashionistas!! and who said we can't take a nap on the kitchen floor? Alana did it the coolest way...she's the best!


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