Monday, June 14, 2010

Ten months

Ten months ago I had this little stinky lady. Its crazy to think that in two short months she will be one.

Time has flown by for me, but Ava has used her time productively, to develop some skills and interests that any baby would be jealous of.

She's mastered standing and pulling herself up onto stuff.

She can walk around the perimeter of the couch when she's holding on, and even go from couch to chair.

She loves to hear her own voice. The sound of baby screams echoes through our house.

Playing is her number one priority. She will speed crawl over to her basket of toys, pull herself up to stand on it, then find all the best toys.

Self-feeding is one of her many hobbies. Next up, using a spoon. That spoon better watch its back, cause Ava is coming for it.

She drinks from a straw and uses a sippy cup like she's been doing it all her life. She's kind of a show-off.

Loves baths, especially if someone else gets in with her. Who doesn't love taking a bath with their sister?

The pantry must remain closed at all times, or Ava will take everything out of it that's within her reach.

She a certified chub butt. At her doctors appt today she weighed 18 lbs, 10 oz. And she was 24 inches tall. As you can imagine, she looks great in a bikini.  

She's a hair, necklace and earring puller. Don't get too close or you will be her next victim. And she pulls headbands off of herself. I find myself in a battle of wills with a baby whenever I put a hat or headband on her, because she will pull it off, then I'll put it back on, over and over again till someone gives up. Usually me.

She's my number one,  pretty cute, bratty getting into stuff, chubtastic, two toothed, crazy haired, lovable squeezeable baby.


sEy said...

time flies so fast and I am glad you have this blog so that Ava and Alana would see how much you love them.

Shelley Ann said...

this is such a great post!

Island Gal said...



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