Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Yesterday was the first half of my ten year reunion. I wasn't able to make it. Now I'm kicking myself for not going. Can't really undo it at this point. Can't believe it's been ten years.

Today I went to the second half of my reunion. It made me really wish I'd gone to the first half.

Only saw one person who I don't run into at Walmart on a regular basis.

I was glad to see her though. She has cute kids. We all have cute kids. Especially me. I might be biased a little.

Today we all reminisced about high school. There were things I remembered. Things I didn't. Some were good. Some were not.

There were some people I remembered. Some I did not. Lucky for me only people I remembered were in attendance. When you go to school with the same group of people for so long sometimes you don't remember the people who only made cameos.

I remember thinking at graduation how I'd never see most of them again. I was right. I see the same ten people over and over again.

Ava slept through most of it. She was bored.

Alana played. She played her first softball game. I'm not optimistic about her future in baserunning. She ran past third a couple of times. She runs like a crazy woman. Her elbows go all crazy. Her hair flys behind her giving the illusion that she is running fast.

After we left I wished I got to stay and talk for a little while longer.

Tomorrow is my first Mother's Day with two kids.

I got a haircut as my present to myself. Happy Mother's Day to me.

Then David gave me a Starbucks give card he had. He claimed it was my present. Then he asked me to buy him a Frappucino. Happy Mother's Day indeed.

Tomorrow we are going to see Iron Man 2. I don't really want to see it. But that is the theme of my life. I see movies I don't want to see. Happy Mother's Day once again.

Then we will go to my dad's and eat dinner. Alana will play. Ava will cry when my dad holds her. But he'll hold her anyway. He doesn't give up easily.

The only thing I wish I was getting for Mother's Day is sleep. There probably aren't any moms in the world who feel like they get enough sleep. Ava has an internal alarm clock set to 6:30 am. I wish she'd hit the snooze once in a while. But I like her anyway.

Then the weekend will be over and I'll have to start over again on Monday. At 6:30 am sharp.


Kerri said...

Camden's internal alarm clock goes off at 6:30am too!!! It doesn't matter if I put him to bed at 6:30pm or 8:30pm-- he's getting up at the same time no matter what. It's crazy. I miss sleeping in, but oh well- we'll keep him. :)

My 10 year reunion was last year. It was about a month before my due date so I didn't go. Now I kind of wish I did. I still keep in touch with a lot of people (thank you, Facebook) but it would've been interesting to see some of the others. Or maybe not.

Kerri said...

Also? I've had that Billionaire song on your playlist stuck in my head for days now. I kind of love it.

Tara said...

hey! regarding buttons..

i followed the directions here:

not going to lie, it took me about an hour to make it! good luck! let me know if you have any specific questions & i can try to help!


Kayla said...

I'm glad to hear a semi-positive reunion review. I've always thought i'd never go to mine but now I think I might.

Breeana said...

Thanks for the tip! Are you a St. Davidite? I think I've seen your name before...

Tara said...

oh yeah, then i used this to figure out how to post the button on my blog after i'd created it:

The Girl Who Loves to Whine said...

Don't know if I'll ever go to my own reunion, I think there's a lot of people that I would rather not explain my life to. I like the part about your husband giving you a gift card to Starbucks and then asking you to buy him a Frappucino, that sounds like something my boyfriend would do. Happy Mother's Day! Hope you enjoy it!


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