Friday, May 7, 2010

Did I shave my legs for this?

So I don't know about everyone else, but I started shaving my legs when I was like eleven. I just couldn't take their hairy-ness anymore.

Not that they were even that hairy. I have blonde hair so therefore I'm lucky enough to have blonde leg hair.

But I wanted my pale white chicken legs to be smooth and touchable.

The only razor I had access to was my dad's. It was a cheap single blade Bic razor, with no moisturizing strip or anything. Just a plastic handle, a blade and a piece of metal over the blade.

So I locked the bathroom door and gave it a shot. I don't recall if I used some kind of shaving cream, but I'm thinking I didn't.

My calves were the hairiest part, so I started with them.

Remember the previously mentioned chicken-ness of my legs. It was an understatement. My legs are skinny now, but when I was eleven they were like twigs. So therefore I had boney shins. Really boney.

I was in the bathroom, by myself, with a cheap razor and a vendetta against my leg hair. Nothing left to do but try to eliminate all blonde leg hair immediately.

The problem with boney legs and cheap razors is that when you combine them with a girl who is shaving her legs for the first time you have a recipe for disaster.

I shaved the skin off of the front of BOTH of my shins. Not just one, but BOTH. I don't know how I managed to repeat the same mistakes from the first leg on the second leg, but I did. I must've pressed so hard with my cheap razor that I cut my skin off with the hair.

The main problem with the skin being missing from both of my shins was that I now had to explain it to my dad. Or wear pants till it healed. I'm pretty sure I made up some far-fetched story about hitting my legs on the door. I don't know if he bought it, but he didn't say anything.

After that I didn't shave my legs again for at least a year.

No one ever told me that shaving your legs is a fine art. You have to learn just the right angles to turn the razor, the right amount of pressure to apply to not shave your skin off and what to do to not get razor burn. Plus, getting all the hair off of your knees takes lots of practice.

Now I have a Venus razor, which I appreciate so much since my first razor experience left me scarred for life (not literally). Its next to impossible to cut myself with it so I no longer have to explain 9 inch cuts on my shins.

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Sweet August said...

This is a great post :) Made me smile and remember my first time shaving my legs.


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