Thursday, May 27, 2010

Turn your harddrive to the left and cough

I am currently devastated. My computer has crashed. It is ill. Sick. Under the weather.

I hope its not contagious!

Monday during the day I was busy-ish so I didn't give my blog the TLC I usually do. I thought I'd hae time later. There's always tomorrow.

But there wasn't. My computer crashed on Monday night when David was online. It is in critical condition. Its in a computer coma. I am sad and depressed without it.

In December it had the same thing. It has a virus that claims to be anti-virus software and infects every program and file on your computer. Whenever you try to open/access anything a window pops up saying that its infected with a virus. Then it asks you if you want to activate/purchase its updated anti-virus software. What a scam! You infected my computer making it impossible for me to function normally, and now you want me to give you money? No way.

The last time this happened my computer sat untouched for a month. Then, right before I was going to take it to get repaired, I turned it on to see if it was still doing the same thing. It was a miracle! It worked! Praise the computer god!

Apparently I shouldn't of left my computer go the last few months without proper medical care. Because the same thing has struck once again. Its the herpes of computer viruses. You think its gone away, but its just waiting to strike again right when you least expect it. Right when you want to use your computer its right there, impossible to ignore.

So now I don't know what to do. I use the computer daily. Since I first purchased it in February 2006 I have gone online every day. I use it for banking, all of my bills are paperless and I keep pictures on it. After the December outbreak I backed up most of my pics online, but I never got around to getting all of them. I thought I had more time.

I'm not the only one who procrastinates around here either. David never bothered to buy a portable harddrive to back up his iTunes, so if we lose our data then he will lose all 3,000 songs on his iPod.

For now my strategy is to let my computer sit untouched and see if my luck repeats itself. Not that I have a ton of other options. I'm not really rolling in the dough, and computer repair is expensive. If that doesn't work I'll have to go with Plan B. Pay someone an outrageous amount of money to fix my computer. Don't really have a lot of options there. I'm not buying a brand new computer when I can just fix mine.

But for now I'm going to blogger rehab. I'm cut off from the world. No internet access unless I drive 15 minutes to go to my parent's house and use their computer. And their internet connection is so slow. Its agonizing. I'm used to DSL, and their's is practically dial-up. But its my only option.

P.S. If you are a new follower I'll follow you back as soon as my computer is broken, but I'm out of time right now, so see you next time.


Shelley Ann said...

oh man! i think i had the same virus, but i was the idiot who actually thought "ok, ill buy it and everything will be better" it was terrible. i dont know if this will help, but i know with windows, you can reset your hard drive to a certain date. i reset mine to a few days before and the virus is gone. i havent dealt with it again so im thinking it worked!

V said...

Jennifer! It is something in the air, my computer crashed too! Luckily I know someone who's genious with computers, because it costs an arm and a leg these days! But if it helps at all, I have heard a lot of great things about the "Geek squad" from Best Buy, and they are afforable too.

dorothy said...

oh what a disaster that was Jenny.My Computer crashed too one day.I felt so sick because all my files went missing.Fortunately,a friend came to my rescue not to help me recover my files back but to tell me about having alternative backups.I was introduced to an online backup link called then tried out the free 3GB trial provided for backing up my music and alas!it worked out well.They are cheaper compared to other backup solutions because in a year i pay 50bucks for 150GB and now all my three Computer share the same account.For sure SafeCopy online backup has saved me from spending tons of money.

Grace Mukisa said...

Awww! am so sorry about the painful experience you went thru. I agree with Dorothy,backing up online is best option nowadays. True safecopy will work for you cuz I already tried the 3GB and it has done incredible wonders. You will sleep better am telling you.

Brittany said...

Oh no, this is awful! I hope your computer feels better soon. Wish I had some advice to offer, but alas, I only know how to work the internet, not the actual computers.

Anonymous said...

That sucks :-/. I've had this happen to me more than once and I learned my lesson last Fall. All baby photos and music diappeared so I purchased a portable hard drive and every few times a month I transfer new files on to it. It did not take long and I have the peace of mind knowing if it were to happen then I have everything I need backed up.

And you're right. It does happen when you least expect it!


edk.dolce said...

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