Monday, May 17, 2010


Some people think I'm stuck-up. Maybe I am, just a little. But not as bad as I could be.

I prefer to think of it as having high standards. I'm trying not to look down my nose at people as often, but people make it really hard. Its their fault. Not mine. I'm innocent till proven guilty, right?

Being stuck-up just comes naturally to me. And the funny part is I'm way more stuck-up now than I used to be. And people thought I was stuck-up in high school. They should see me now.

In high school I wasn't really even stuck-up. Just shy and mildly socially awkward. I was dorky, not stuck-up.

Now I'm stuck-up. I look at people in front of me in line at Walmart and my most of the time I wonder if they got dressed in the dark. Not that I'm a fashion guru, but my shorts aren't in my butt crack. And my feet don't hang off the end of my shoes. And I don't have a fanny pack.

I know I shouldn't judge people and make assumptions. Blah blah blah.

If people at Walmart weren't dressed like such weirdos, then I could restrain myself a little more. There's even a website dedicated to how tacky people who shop at Walmart dress. Its an epidemic.

Its not just me judging people, its everyone with a camera phone and an opinion. So there.


Laury Ann said...

I can relate to you....I was always pretty shy, and a lot of times it got misconstrued as "stuck-up"--now, I confess, I can be a little at times

If you want a GOOD laugh...check out this site (if you haven't seen it already) someone sent me it months ago and you just reminded me of it!!!

chocoholic said...

Hehe I tend to get labeled that way too! I'm really not...i just would never be caught dead in something like that *points at Walmart shopper*.

hermione329 said...

You should check out It has provided hours of entertainment for me, and some sadness surrounding what has become of this world.

I have very little toleration for stupidity and sometimes I feel bad about it. I don't mean to have a superiority complex, but there are people we're just better than. ;-)


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