Sunday, May 23, 2010

Shrek-tastic Saturday

Yesterday we went and saw Shrek 4.

To quote Alana, "That. Movie. Was. Awesome."

I mostly agree with her. It was pretty good. Could've been longer. But it was funny.

Rumpelstiltskin was pretty good. I think I need to take a cue from him and get myself an angry wig. Maybe people will take me more seriously when I'm mad if I have an angry wig.

Alana was extra happy that she got to see her favorite part from the commercials twice. You know the annoying little kid in the preview who says, "I love you Daddy!" That's her favorite part. And they played it twice.

And Ava went to sleep half way through. So I got to watch the movie in peace. Even if she smelled like movie theater pickles.

I do have some tips for enjoying the movie though. Don't go with a headcold or your in-laws. Sinus headache + mother-in-law = grouchy me. Just ask David. He'll tell you.

Other tips for enjoying the movie. Eat a delicious flatbread sandwich from Subway right before. Mmmm. And then sneak in a bunch of cookies. Way better than candy. Diaper bags are so useful sometimes.

In other Saturday news: Ava's new hairclip got lost at Target. I just bought it. I was a little grouchy about that. It would've been different if I was the one carrying her when it got lost. But I was in a different part of the store. I don't enjoy spending an hour in the toy section of Target, so I wandered off to look at fun stuff.

Also: Alana got Gator Golf. She is now obsessed with that game. And she's no golf prodigy. But neither am I so I can't really judge.

Next on my list of kids movies I have to see: Toy Story 3. Alana is hyped. She already has her Toy Story shirt from Old Navy. She even wore it to see Shrek.


The Mrs. said...

I loved Shrek! We saw it at the drive in on Friday. The girls were in love... So was I.... I love Shrek, what can I say!!! We even have four complete sets of the glasses from McDonalds... but the Mr. doesn't know about that!!

The Girl Who Loves to Whine said...

Shrek is pretty awesome! I have to admit, I didn't even know they had made a Shrek 4. Mr. Wonderful and I don't have cable so I kind of live in a hole. Oh well. I know this is kind of off topic, but you said "Even if she smelled like movie theater pickles." Does your movie theater really have pickles? Or is my ADHD just kicking in again?

Jennifer said...

Re: The movie theater we go to does in fact have pickles. And my kids love them. Plus they are the cheapest thing on the whole menu. They put them in a cup so then all the juice gets spilled on you and you smell like a big pickle.

sEy said...

I watched the movie too last Saturday. I enjoyed the movie but I end of laughing after the movie cause my friend cried and cried a lot when Shrek disappeared at Fiona's arms... LOL :)

Meg said...

I havent watchd shrek 4 yet :-( Cant wait to see it. The shrek babies were so cute in the last film.

Anonymous said...

We saw Shrek 4 this weekend, Tidus sat patiently, then loudly, then fell asleep in my arms because he got a fever at tat moment and was sick. I liked it but it was definitely not my favorite one. :)



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