Monday, May 31, 2010

More fashion tips from Alana

Painting your nails two different colors is tres chic. (You can't tell from the pic, but her toenails are half blue, half orange.
Blue otter pops make your lips blue, which is so in right now.
If your mommy picks out your shirt and shorts, insist on wearing black sequined dress shoes so you can put your own individual touch on your outfit.
Combing your hair is optional. Just have your mommy put a "Jessie braid"** in it.
**Jessie from Toy Story 2.
Chicken legs are sexy. Show them off when you can.


Laury Ann said...

So cute!!! And, uh, Alana is totally right...two different colors on the nails are SO En Vogue!! :D
Happy Memorial Day, enjoy!

Krystal said...

Didn't my brother used to call you chicken legs?? I think so:)

Beth and Marley said...

Love the shoes! She is for sure up on what's current in fashion!

PS- I have NO idea what my little brother was thinking! He's 17 so he knows it all...I think he said he heard that wasps were frightened by the noise of lawnmowers. I'm pretty sure wasps don't give a crap and I think I was right!

Jennifer said...

re: Krystal. I think he did. Like, all the time. And my legs are still just as chicken-y as they always have been.

I'm pretty sure his exact words were something like this: Hey chick, you have some skinny chicken legs. (I'm just paraphrasing).

Say hi to Beau for me!

Tara said...

SO cute! blue popsicles really are so in right now! i'd do anything for one!

Margaret said...

Oh man!

Now I want blue Otter Pops.

Anonymous said...

Actually the braid is in... they were talking about on Rachael Ray daytime tv that you do the braid like that and it makes a headband.


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