Monday, May 31, 2010

The highlight of my Memorial Day

was these two ladies. They are some hot ladies.

A close second to these ladies:

Some delicious banana cream pie I made from scratch this morning. Forgot to take a pic before I cut my "taste testing" piece. Have to sample the goods, make sure its not poison before I let my kids eat any. It passed the test.

At the top of David's Memorial Day 2010 highlights:

Playing video games with my brother Josh. What's more patriotic than saving New Orleans from zombies? Not much.

Happy Memorial Day!


chocoholic said...

That looks so yummy! Whats the recipe?

IGal said...

Looks delicious and your daughters look so cute!

JoJo said...

loving their accessories! Very chic :-)

Adyba Jee said...

can you teach me how to make the cream pie. luks delish =)

Adyba Jee


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