Thursday, May 13, 2010

A little splash of adult humor

I find it amusing how they put jokes in kid's movies that the kids don't get.

If they do get them, then they are pretty advanced for their age.

I can only think of one example at the moment, because its the movie that's on in the living room right now.


You probably haven't seen it. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it. It's just okay. I only own it cause my brother gave it to one of my kids for Christmas. But the kids like it. That is the point of the gift anyway right?

So here's my example:

Its the beginning of the movie and the dad robot leaves work early because the baby robot is going to "arrive."

He gets home and his wife says "Sorry, you missed the delivery, but making it is the fun part anyway."

Get it? They still have to build the robot, so "making it" is the funnest part.

That's my best example. You got something better?


Kayleigh said...

haha! They do that in all the shrek movies! i think its great!

Alexa Mae said...

I always loved that part! I know what you mean...I don't think they know quite yet. But I watch some movies i used to watch when I was little and think..."that was totally a subliminal message and i never knew!" haha

Shelley Ann said...

i totally know what you mean! i love it when the kids hear you laugh so they laugh too even though they didnt get the joke! haha

V said...

LOLOL! This totally made me laugh! Jennifer, your family is beautiful! Your babies are so precious! thank you for the follow and I am excited to follow your blog!

hermione329 said...

There are so many in Lilo and Stitch and The Incredibles. I love that. I remember rewatching all the movies when I got older and was like OMG I GET THE JOKES! LOL

this is fallingfromprams btw.


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