Friday, May 14, 2010

3 quarters

Today Ava is nine months old. Three quarters of the way to one. 75%.

Isn't she cute? I could just pinch her chubby little cheeks all day.

Here's a list of Ava's accomplishments so far in her nine months:

She has mastered sitting.

She's even got the sitting to crawling to sitting again transition down. She makes it look easy.

She loves to crawl using mostly toe power. She has the strongest toes in the west. And she has worn the toes out of most of her pajamas.

She loves to follow Alana around. Wherever Alana's at must be the cool place to hang.

She is a professional self-feeder with finger foods. She no longer wishes to participate in the juvenile activity of having her mommy feed her. That's for babies.

She is a supreme chubs. Her little gut hangs over her diaper and she practically needs a training bra. But she still wears 3-6 months size clothes. Go figure.

She loves to take baths. With or without someone in there with her. She plays and splashes and makes some crazy faces.

She has two teeth. They are razor sharp.

She just learned to pull herself up to stand. Don't act like you're not impressed. Check that off of her to-do list. Next step, walking.

She enjoys dumping out her entire basket of toys every possible chance she gets. As soon as you put her on the floor she crawls over to it and pulls it over.

She is already so independent. She wants to be down on the floor playing. Then she will crawl into the bedroom to play by herself. She acts like she doesn't even need her mommy. Except when she's tired and she sees me she lifts her arms up for me to pick her up.

She is huggable and kissable and squeezeable and I love her. How did she get to be nine months old already? The nine months I was pregnant with her took forever.


chocoholic said...

The pics are adorable! Great post.

Kathy Kloos said...

Yes, it's sad that they grow so quickly. some babies are resistant to accomplishing everything Ava has. It usually means that they are getting out the way for the next one.

Kerri said...

When did she get her first tooth? I'm wondering if Camden is teething now...

She's definitely a cutie! I can't wait until Camden can sit up on his own.

Meg said...

Awww...very cute pictures. Lovely baby and a beautiful post. You have captured evrything so beautifully. Though I dun have kids yet but i really love naughty my fav pic is the marinara facial :-)

I have an award for you on my blog

Sweet August said...

:) So very beautiful. She has come such a long way! Way to go Ava! Happy 9 months!


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