Thursday, June 3, 2010

Alana to English dictionary

Sometimes I find myself translating the stuff Alana says to everyone around me. Here's a quick guide.

*he-youse : house
*mice cream : ice cream
*foo-ies : fairies - As in, Tinkerbell is a foo-ie.
*bombie hookers : zombie ogres - This one took me a few times to understand. I really thought she was saying hookers.
*yike : like
*dat : that
*toad-a : soda
*mac-rooni : macaroni
*mine rat boys : my cousins - She says she's going to see her "rat boys" to random people at Walmart. Then I have to explain.
*me wanna wear dat Toy Story Mania Ride shirt : I would like to wear my new Toy Story 3 shirt please.
*piders : spiders
*nakes : snakes
*who's dis? : who is this?
*scoo-wee : scary
*war-tch : watch
*tookie : cookie
*be-yud : blood
*pank : spank
*yeg : leg
*dos : those
*me how know do dat : I know how to do that myself, thank you.
*pum on : come on
*titchen : kitchen
*yis : is
*told : cold

I've left out a few I'm sure, but sometimes it's better if people don't know exactly what she's saying. Then my privacy is better protected, since she tells me about everything I do.


sEy said...

the "titchen" is "scoo-wee"... I love Alana's word. I would be very happy if I could talk to her that way because that's what you'll gonna miss when she grew up.

Anonymous said...

That's so adorable! I <3 little kid speak

Come on Over said...

teehee. You're funny.. not like normal mommy blogging, I can read this one!


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