Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weekend happenings

Awesome things that happened this weekend:
"Race" for the cure - we don't really "race", we just casually stroll
Eating at the Olive Garden Sunday - mmm...chocolate mousse cake and and stuffed mushrooms and too many breadsticks
Eating at Pizza Hut Saturday - mmm...pan pizza and hot wings
Going to a movie with David - even if it was crappy Clash of the Titans
Trying on everyone's glasses at Olive Garden - Can you say "coke bottle lenses"?
Ava falling asleep during mile 1 of the race for the cure
Cutting across the field and shaving half a mile off of our walk - and still finishing in record long time

Not as awesome things that happened this weekend:
I stepped in mystery cake during the race for the cure - it stuck to my shoe the whole time - Who throws cake on the ground during a race?
Alana hated the first pair of shoes we bought her - she said they were bugging her - she no longer likes shoes that go between her toes - I had to take them back and it was a huge pain to find her size
David "made" me eat at Burger King - yuck!
I spilled my drink at the movies - twice
Spilled fondue chocolate on my shirt - then coffee

Photo highlights:

Race for the cure
 Ava's weekend highlights
Alana's weekend highlights
David's weekend highlights

Jennifer's weekend highlights

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