Friday, April 30, 2010

Someone didn't get the memo

Apparently someone at the weather department didn't get the memo. Its supposed to be spring.

I am freezing right now.

Does anyone know how to turn the wind off? Maybe warm it up a few degrees.

I know in a couple months I'll probably be complaining about the heat (I'm talking about you July and August). But seriously, lets turn up the thermostat. At least make it so my house isn't freezing. And so my landlord doesn't think I'm a super huge pain in the butt for asking him to turn on the cooler two weeks ago.

Kind of makes my complaint about the heat seem a little premature. When I said it was unbearably hot in our house he was probably on the other end rolling his eyes. Thinking just wait lady. You think its hot now? That's fine. I'll turn off the heater and then it'll get cold on random days of each week and you will be freezing. Ha ha ha. (I imagine that's what his evil laugh sounds like).

So now I will complain about the cold and the wind. Even though I know April is always always like this. Every year.

But I may as well write and schedule a post about the heat. I know I will be hot at the end of the summer. Waiting for fall to come and the temperature to drop down somewhere around what its at now.

But you can't please women. That's why the weather doesn't even try.

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Kathy Kloos said...

Isn't that the way it always is?


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