Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gender confusion

I know people mean well, but if you aren't sure whether a baby is a boy or a girl, then don't call them one or the other.

Seriously, why would you call my baby a boy? I know gender stereotypes and lines aren't as firmly drawn as they used to be. Sometimes boys have earrings and girls can wear blue. Some boys even wear pink. None that I know, but some.

So why would someone call Ava a boy? She has sparkly little (fake) diamond earrings and she's wearing an outfit with pink shorts and a big pink watermelon on it. Outfit to be featured later on hand-me-down guess who. And most of the time she's wearing a headband. Who puts that combination of girl stuff on a boy?

Yet still she was called a boy this morning. My landlord has called her a boy a couple of times and no matter how many times I say she's a girl, she's named Ava and I refer to her as a "she", he still gets confused. There is a pink baby swing right next to the front door and pink baby toys all over the floor. He asked Alana if she likes having a brother. Alana didn't respond. No one corrected him.

I guess its partly our fault, but he's a nice enough guy and he does own our house so I don't want to offend him. I wonder if he'll ever notice that she's a girl, not just a boy that has earrings and likes to wear pink. Maybe he thinks that all of her pink stuff is hand-me-downs from Alana and we're just too cheap to buy new blue stuff for our new baby.

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