Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter happenings

Here's a list of important and fun things we did on Easter this year.

It was Ava's first Easter. The Easter bunny brought her a few new toys. We (Jeremy) noticed the appearance of her first tooth. She took 3 naps, including one that lasted through dinner. She tried ham baby food, she was unimpressed. She looked so pretty in her yellow polka dots and flower headband. She ate a handful of grass when I was trying to take her picture. She didn't complain when I kept trying to put bunny ears on her. She swung outside at Grandpa's and thought it was the best thing ever. She got her way and didn't have to wear shoes, step two of her anti-shoe rebellion. She was the cutest Easter baby ever.

Alana got a basket full of toys and candy from the Easter bunny. She demonstrated amazing willpower by not eating the candy until the afternoon (I couldn't of done it). She had her third annual solo Easter egg hunt, next year Ava will help so this was her last solo one. She found all of the eggs, with help from all of the adults standing on the porch telling her where they were. She played on the swingset and made her first trip to the top of Fort Sherman (way too high). She ate some ham but skipped dessert. She sang an amazing rendition of twinkle twinkle and accompanied herself with the piano. She had a terrible case of plumbers crack all day with her skirt showing off her heart panties. She insisted on playing with the plastic eggs and I couldn't say no cause she said "but Mommy, its Easter time." She choose to eat Kix for breakfast instead of my homemade waffles (traitor child). She successfully completed her fourth Easter.

David wore his Yankees jersey and hat since they were playing in the afternoon. He ate my homemade waffles for breakfast (at least someone appreciates my cooking). He watched Batman until the last minute when it was time to leave, because it was the best part and he HAD to watch it. He ate ham (his favorite thing, which he passed down to Alana). He complimented all of my cooking, especially the deviled eggs. He watched basketball at my dad's house, since watching sports is his holiday tradition. He supervised the egg hiding, since he knew we are way more awesome at it than him.

I got up early with my Ava and made waffles and strawberry sauce. I gave the ladies their baskets as soon as Alana got up with her sleepy eyes. I got myself and two ladies dressed and looking nice. I only ate two cupcakes and stayed away from Alana's candy. I made 64 deviled eggs for 7 adults. We didn't eat them all. I hid eggs in the front yard with Melissa. We are so awesome at it that we should do it professionally. I played outside with my ladies while Alana put wooden blocks down the slide and scared the heck out of me on the too tall fort, and Ava got pushed in the swing. I had a good Easter.

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Sounds like it was a great Easter!


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