Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear next door neighbors

Dear next door neighbors,

I don't know if anyone ever told you, but just because we live in a duplex and our hoses and outdoor water spigots are right next to each other, that doesn't mean you can use my hose. Especially when you have one sitting right next to it.

Just because yours is half as long as mine doesn't mean you can borrow mine whenever you feel like it. Maybe you should've spent the extra five bucks and sprung for the fifty-footer. If yours doesn't reach to your carport then what is the point of it anyway? You can't use it to wash your car, which is what I think you use mine for.

And if you insist on using my hose against my will, at least make some effort to hide it. Put it back on my side of the front yard. Don't take my sprinkler off of it and throw it on the ground. Don't leave your spray nozzle on my hose. Its just rude.

And while we're on the subject, don't take my hose to your side of the yard to water the rosebush. They don't need you to water them. Mine is doing great, and I never water it. I've never watered it and I've lived here six years. And mine is twice as big as yours. See:

And if you could keep the noise down at night that would be great. My kids don't need to hear your domestic disputes. Or banging on the wall at 2 am.

And why do you vacuum at 6 am? And run into stuff with your vacuum?

I've never heard noise from any of my other neighbors that I shared a wall with before you.

Just something to think about.

Your shared wall neighbor,


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~Ro said...

Hi Jennifer!

Your blog is sweet. I am a long lost friend of your mom, Kathy whose blog I just found last night. I've been thinking of her for years but was finally able to track her down. I commented on her "day one" blog but see that she doesn't contribute daily to it, so I figured I'd reach out to you and hope you can let her know that her old buddy, Chelle is reaching out to her.

The last time I saw her, she was pregnant, maybe with you if you were her first child? We lost contact at that point due to our choices in life and I would desperately love to reconnect with her.

One thing I'd like to share about neighbors. I've lived all over the USA plus Germany and can attest that all neighbors are not always neighborly by nature; they generally need a good "training". It stinks that yours have no sense of respect for what is yours. I would speak to them about the use of your hose, (even if you get a reputation of being a be-atch ... it beats being a welcome matt) & how you disapprove of it and if that doesn't stop them, move it inside or out of the way. Your bush is obviously beautiful so clearly, "less is more!" Good luck!

Could you please contact your mom & let her know that I'm reaching out to her in hopes that she contacts me, so we can catch up on the last 31 years? I'd appreciate it so very much! My email address is

Have fun with those gorgeous girls. You are amongst the very lucky few who are able to stay home with their kids while their husbands go out to provide for the family. I too have been very blessed but alas my girls don't need me so much being 14 & 16 and my husband is crying poverty even if we're far from it! I've returned to the work world and look back with great fondness & thanks to have been able to play with my girls for as long as they'd allow me to!

You write very well, I'm glad you chose to share it with the world.

Please remember to let your mom know I'm here & waiting for her to contact me. Or, if she doesn't have access to email daily, maybe you can email me with her contact info and I can call her? Thank you for all your help!

Ro aka Chelle aka Rochelle


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