Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Splash time

Its already swimming weather outside here in Arizona. So what do we do? We go to an indoor pool.

Sierra Vista's city pool is this really nice and really big indoor pool. It has a couple of tube water slides and a little pirate water slide for little kids. Plus, it gradually gets deep, instead of all at once, so it is so perfect for little kids.

We went this morning and had so much fun. Ava just hung out with David in the one-foot deep area for a while. But Alana was a pirate slide maniac. At first she wanted me to go up on it with her, but she got over that. She went down it like 15 times. She would go a little crazy and turn sideways at first, so that when she landed on the pad at the bottom her head would go under water. Then she figured out that if she stayed next to the slide she wouldn't turn so much. She had it down to an artform.

After we left Ava's hair dryed all crazy so she looked like a maniac. And they were both really tired from all the wading around that we did.

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Kathy Kloos said...

So where are the pics of the crazy hair?


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