Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bizarro Alana

This scraggly bed-haired lady is Bizarro Alana. She lets me comb her hair and refuses to be called any type of nickname.

This morning when I had my flatiron on Alana had thousands of questions about it and its purpose. So I sort of straightened some of her hair. It looked so weird. Since she has had hair on her head it has been curly and crazy, and here she was with straight smooth hair. Even David noticed. What's with her hair? She looks older.

Then yesterday I called her a little girl when I asked her not to stand on the couch. So I said fine then, you're Alana.

No, me not little girl, me not Alana. Me a little boy.

If you're a little boy then where's your weiner?

It's at work.

I guess weiners can leave and go to work then.

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