Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A rock and a hard place

A little while ago i was in the kitchen getting Alana a bowl of cereal and I heard a distinct sound. It was the sound of something hitting against the double doors of our entertainment center. Usually when I hear that sound its Alana putting her feet against it when she's laying on the floor, but she was in the kitchen with me. So I peeked around the corner and in a matter of about 30 seconds Ava had rolled completely across the room and gotten herself into this position. Her little butt was flush against the cupboard.

She has gotten to be quite the little roller. She rolls and manuevers her way around stuff, back and forth until she reaches her destination. She stretches her little body out and reaches for stuff with her cute little fingers till she get whatever toy she wants.

Every day she pushes her stomach further up off of the floor and gets on her knees a little bit more. Before I know it she will be in crawling position ready to go.

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