Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ava at Disneyland

Ava's first trip to Disneyland she was mostly unimpressed. The rides put her to sleep and the characters didn't taste as good as they looked. She knew this because she tasted Pooh's nose the first day and it wasn't yummy at all.

She mostly just stared at all of the characters, but she wasn't a big fan of Baloo the bear. For some reason babies don't seem to like big giant blue bears. The princesses were the least intimidating to her because they're just girls with too much makeup. She didn't even notice Cruella De Vil, who tryed to buy her from David cause she was wearing a striped shirt. She was a trooper though and didn't cry at any of the characters like some kids do.

Ava went on whatever rides we all went on as a family. On the train in a bug's land she was more interested in her hand then the actual ride. She wasn't too impressed with the part where the ride sprayed you with watermelon scented water either. She fell asleep on Pirates of the Caribbean. It was dark and cool and she was tired. Staying up seemed futile. She waited patiently with me or David whenever one of us took Alana on a ride she wasn't big enough for. She just sat there in her stroller and smiled.

The first day there we bought her a really cute minnie mouse hat with mouse ears and a bow. She wore it every day we were there and she looked so cute! So many people commented on her cute hat and I saw lots of other people checking her out and smiling. She was the cutest minnie mouse baby ever.

She is such a good sleeper that whenever she got drowsy she would just fall asllep in her stroller or carseat, no matter what was going on around her. She even fell asleep in ESPN Zone, which is really loud.

Overall, I couldn't of asked for a sweeter or more good natured baby to take to Disneyland.

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