Thursday, March 18, 2010

Heebie jeebies

**David says not to post this cause its too gross. I agree that its gross, but its also funny.

Tuesday night I went into the bedroom to get a pair of shoes so I could take back a movie. Alana was already asleep so I didn't turn the light on. My shoes were exactly where I left them next to the hamper anyway. I'm always paranoid there's gonna be something in my shoe, so I hit them together once and shook them out.

Then I sat on the edge of the bed in the dark and put my shoes on. After that I went into the bathroom and I felt like there was something in my shoe. My grey Nikes have been my go-to shoe the past couple of weeks so they hadn't been sitting around in the back corner of the closet, all neglected like some of my shoes. But guess what? There was a giant gross roach (just threw up in my mouth a little thinking about it) in my shoe. Thank goodness I was wearing socks or I would've run out the front door screaming.
I've heard stories of other people having bugs or other such gross things in their shoes, but I always shake my shoes out so I didn't think it would ever happen to me. Apparently, this particular bug was good at sticking to stuff, because he didn't come out when I hit my shoes together and shook them out. I didn't look that closely because it was dark, but I will never make that mistake again. From now on I'm running my shoes under an x-ray machine before I put them on.

I try to keep my house as clean as possible. I never leave uncovered food out on the counter, I always wipe the counters clean after every meal and I'm obsessive about doing the dishes. I never leave dishes in the sink overnight. I get up from the dinner table and immediately put away the food and do the dishes. I don't have a dishwasher so this means I do the dishes about five times everyday.

Despite all my best efforts, disgusting bugs and roaches find their way into my house. I suppose they were here before me and they'll be here after me. What's wrong with a world without roaches? Why can't I have a life where I've never looked down in the bathtub to see a roach doing the backstroke next to me?

I HATE bugs, especially roaches. They gross me out beyond belief. I was almost crying when I found one in my shoe, not to mention the bathtub one a few years ago. I made David come into the bathroom and get it. It was smashed but not dead. They must have nine lives or something.

After every roach incident I have a serious case of heebie jeebies for at least a week. I washed the shoes I was wearing the other night two times, but I probably won't wear them again for a month or two. I didn't take a bath for two months after I saw one in there, and I scrubbed the bathtub with bleach right after. (I still showered, I'm not completely gross.)

I guess I'm powerless to stop them. They outnumber me and they aren't going anywhere. I still hate them and think they are the most disgusting things ever.

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