Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Funny Faces

Ava has a new "face". I call it the scrunchy face. She wrinkles her nose and either smiles or scowls, but sometimes she changes it up and sticks out her tongue instead. One of the cutest things about it is that when she is making that crazy face she breathes through her nose really loud, almost scary loud.

I can't seem to get a picture that really does this expression justice. She just looks mad or semi-normal and as soon as I put the camera away she makes lots of faces. Its all part of her evil plan. Here are a few of my attempts from this afternoon, and as always Alana insisted on being in the picture.

None of these pictures do this face justice. She wasn't really making a whole-hearted attempt at the scrunchy face, maybe because David always says its freaky. If Nicole were here she would've made it and paired it with a scowl, that one's her specialty.

A subdued scrunchy face. No scowling or anything fancy when being photographed.

This one is a smiley version of the scrunchy face. She didn't do any tongue-sticking-out versions today.
Alana takes the expression "say cheese" a little to literally. She had cheese in her mouth and showed it when I took the picture.

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