Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Stay of execution

This morning we attempted to take Alana to the dentist. They had scheduled her for an all-in-one visit because she has to be sedated. My last attempt didn't go so well, she wouldn't even let the dentist look at her teeth without screaming. I had to pry her mouth open while he looked in and x-rays were not something that was attainable. I know she has a cavity in one of her top molars on her left side, its obvious, but getting her to cooperate is a whole other story. So they said to come back, schedule her to get gassed so they could look at her teeth and bring another parent to help.

We got there at 7:45 am for a 9 am appointment. They were supposed to weigh her, take her blood pressure and give her some kind of drink to make her drowsy before they gave her more sedation at 9. Ava and I went to the waiting room while David took Alana to get her pre-appt stuff done. Within a couple of minutes I could her Alana screaming and before I knew it they came into the waiting room where I was at. They weren't even going to attempt to do any of the procedures with just a little sedation, she is so combative that she needs to be completely knocked out. They didn't think that she would be sedated enough to restrain her when they did stuff to her teeth.

That's not the greatest news I've ever received at the dentist. There's a waiting list for the two days a month that the anesthesiologist is there and then even when you make it to the top of the list you still have to wait for prior authorization from your insurance company. They could have just put her on that list last time she went there and refused to cooperate, instead of making me sign papers giving permission to put her under general anesthesia, and then changing their mind and saying she could just be sedated with gas. It would've saved me time because within seconds of trying to look at her teeth they threw in the towel. I could've slept past 5:30 this morning and Alana could've eaten breakfast this morning. David could've gone to work and I wouldn't of had to go out when it was 30 degrees out.

So until Alana gets a little closer to the top of the list or lets people look at her teeth without screaming, she has been given more time to live with her cavities. She has been given a stay of execution.

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