Tuesday, February 9, 2010

12 days and counting!

Only 12 days left till we go to Disneyland! I am such a nerd that I actually have the number of days written on the calendar leading up to the 21st, which is when we leave. We got a good deal for 5 day park hopper tickets (I know 5 days seems like a lot but we leave to take naps midday, which I highly recommend) so we are going to the park the same day we get there. We are leaving at 4 am Sunday, to try to get a good chunk of the 500 miles out of the way while our ladies are still asleep. To top that off we will gain an hour because of daylight savings time in California, so after you subtract the time we will lose to stop at McDonald's for breakfast and stopping to feed Ava and pee, we hope to get there about 1. We can't check into our hotel till 3 or 4 so we're just gonna get out the stroller and go straight into Disneyland. It helps that we're staying at the Disneyland hotel so everything we want to get to is within walking distance.

I'm really excited and can't wait to go. Going to Disneyland with your kids is a whole different experience, because you get to see it through their eyes, and they get so excited over everything. Mickey Mouse is so much cooler when he's taller than you. As far as Alana is concerned that is the real Mickey Mouse, not just some guy in a costume. It doesn't matter that we see him more than once a day and depending on where you see him he's in different clothes, he is "the" Mickey Mouse. She has never been afraid of the characters, with the exception of a little hesitancy to hug Captain Hook, which is understandable. Her favorite part is definitely seeing all of the princesses and Tinkerbell, because they are all so glamorous.

David's favorite part is the Toy Story Mania ride, because its 3D and you get to shoot at stuff, so I imagine that we'll probably go on that a couple of times. I don't care which rides we go on, as long as I get at least one chocolate chip cookie per day. That's my favorite part.

The days will pass slowly from now till then, then once we get there time will fly. But it will be fun while it lasts.

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