Friday, February 19, 2010

One half David + one half Jennifer = Alana

Whenever I look at Alana all I see is her resemblance to David. She has crazy brown curly hair, big brown eyes with super long eyelashes and even his eyebrows. But as soon as she speaks she turns into a mini me. Yesterday she pushed the button on the TV and when it didn't turn on she said "What the heck?" The other day she was making some dolls play together in a little ice cream shop toy. One of the asked "Do you want some ice cream?" - The other one said yes. So then the first guy responds "Well get in here then!" I wonder where she learned that? I'm never that blunt. Ha ha.

The other day she was playing with Jayden and everything she said to him was telling him what to do. She definitely got her bossiness from me. Or maybe its just the natural tendencies of the first born.

Sometimes she takes Ava's toys and insists that they are hers and Ava's, which is just like me always "making" Nicole let me play with her Barbies. Then when we got older I had strict policies on sharing. She could borrow and wear my clothes but if someone complimented her on them she had to tell them it was mine.

Sometimes Alana can be a bit dramatic. She cries easily when she's tired and she can be very gullible. I've outgrown being gullible, but she will still believe everything you tell her. Did you know the word gullible isn't in the dictionary? The other night when Alana was taking a bath she had her ears under the water, so David mouthed words to her and pretended that he was talking. She sat straight up because she thought she couldn't hear. It was a little bit mean but  mostly funny.

Besides her dramatics, screaming when she doesn't get her way, insistency on having her toenails painted at all times, extreme bedhead, and constant cuteness, she's nothing like me.

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