Thursday, January 28, 2010

Earring pic

So here is a pic of one of Ava's earrings. She was on the floor next to Alana who was coloring so she kept rolling over to get to Alana, which made the task of taking her picture challenging. Add that to the fact that whenever I have the camera out I usually say "Ava, look at Mommy" so she kept looking at me no matter what I did. I seriously moved the camera back and forth for like a minute trying to get a picture of the side of her head, but no matter what I did she followed the camera with her gaze. So I ended up practically putting the camera on the floor so that I could see her little earring in the picure. As a result of that, all of Alana's coloring pages and part of one of her legs are in the background.

She looks so cute with earrings but it almost makes me kid of sad, because she looks a little bit more grown up. Hard to look like a newborn with big CZ earrings sticking out of your little ears. It almost makes me wish I had waited to get her ears pierced so that she could still be my little baby for a while longer, but with or without earrings she will eventually grow up. She does look pretty cute though.

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