Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving 2009 was a pretty fun holiday. The past couple of years I have started breaking my former tradition of not eating breakfast on Thanksgiving and making something delicious instead. We had french bread french toast with orange zest and maple butter for breakfast and honestly I could have stopped eating for the day after that because it was so good. Food is almost the best part of Thanksgiving for me.

Alana didn't want to have french toast for breakfast, she wanted pie. I thought "Who am I to judge when thats what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow and Thanksgiving only comes once a year" - so she had pumpkin pie for breakfast. The rest of the day she just wanted to eat cool whip for every meal but we managed to sneak in a little macaroni as a side dish to the cool whip. She was a little dramatic as the day went on and she got more and more tired. She was okay till the cat scratched her at my parents house then she was mad about it for the rest of the day and I think she blamed my dad cause whenever he tried to talk to her she would get mad again. Hopefully she will remember not to pick cats up by the tail anymore.

It was Ava's first Thanksgiving and I think she liked it. She ate some sweet potatoes at dinner and the rest of the day she mostly just wanted to eat her hand. She is quite the little thumbsucker. She was pretty tired from all of the excitement of the day and tired of watching football so she slept for over an hour at my parents house. Its true that the second baby is a better sleeper cause people were going in and out of the room and taking her picture as she slept sucking her thumb and Alana was watching movies in there and she slept through it all. She is so mellow and well behaved - she just smiled at everyone all day and let everyone hold her while she sucked on her thumb. I am so thankful for her and her sweetness and cuteness.

David spent most of the day watching football after briefly playing video games with Josh. Luckily the Cowboys won for like the fourth year in a row so he was in a good mood. He is crazy and thinks that turkey isn't that good so he always complains about the food and asks why we aren't having ham. I make pecan pie for him so he doesn't have much to complain about anyway.

Thanksgiving was a success (if success is measured in how much pie I eat). I am so thankful for my two hot ladies and my husband. Holidays are definitely a lot more fun when you have kids to enjoy them with. Next year will be even funner with Shermans for my ladies to play with and keep Alana entertained. She does love her rat boy cousins and cries a little less when she has Jayden to play with.

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Nicole said...

I would say she cries more when Jayden is there...but atleast she has someone to blame. Dad has someone to compete with next year because my turkey was pretty good!


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