Monday, November 2, 2009

cindyrella and the yadybug

alana wore this same outfit on her first halloween so we had to take a picture so we could compare and contrast - she looks pretty similar except she is older and therefore chubbier

alana was "cindyrella" - before halloween when anyone would ask her what she was going to be she would say "cindyrella" and that her baby sister was going to be a "yadybug" - she was so impatient to go catch up to her cousins that she did not want to pose for a picture - all day she wanted to put on her costume and she was so antsy that i had to practically force her to sit down so i could do her hair - when i put her dress on she was so happy she was twirling around and smiling at herself in the mirror - she was shy at the trunk or treat and didn't want to take candy from people but she definitely had to play games - when we left st david to go trick or treating she was crying and saying she wanted to go home and go to bed - she can be a little bit dramatic sometimes - we actually had to talk her into going trick or treating but once she realized they were all giving her candy she was on board - she got way too much candy because we kept emptying out her pumpkin so people thought she didn't have very much and they would give her more - needless to say i ate way too many pieces of candy

my chubby little "yadybug" - i couldn't resist kissing those chubby little cheeks in this costume - she hated being in the carseat with this on though because the head kept getting in her face - i had to add a black bow just to make sure everyone knew she was a girly ladybug - she got a little tired of trick or treating since she wasn't the one getting all of the candy so she just went to sleep on my shoulder and kept me warm while we walked around benson - she was a snuggly little ladybug


Krystal said...

Jennifer! You are so beautiful and your little girls are completely adorable! I am so glad you started a blog, it will be so much fun to keep in touch this way. I didn't even know you had another girl, how fun! We will have to hang out next time I come down.

Nicole said...

They are so year Alana probably wont let you eat her candy....You'll have to eat Ava's.


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