Saturday, October 31, 2009

awesome pumpkin family

last sunday we carved our pumpkins for halloween - david of course had to make his #9 for tony romo (he credits the cowboys win that day to his pumpkin) - i had to carve the other 3 myself since 3 year olds and 2 month olds can't exactly carve their own pumpkins - alana was very helpful when we were cleaning out the guts - she scraped her pumpkin guts into a pile and tried not to drop any seeds on the floor - she wanted her pumpkin to look like the ghost on the tablecloth - ava just sat in her bouncer seat on the table and watched us like we were crazy for touching the slimy pumpkins - her pumpkin ended up being my favorite because i carved tiny little eyelashes to make it look like her - my pumpkin i made with kind of lopsided features because it was really lumpy and crazy looking (my littlest nephew jayden picked it out at the pumpkin patch and i somehow ended up with it) - after carving 3 pumpkins my hand was a little tired but it was worth it because it was a fun family activity and i know someday they will be able to carve their own

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Nicole said...

We had to pay Grayson $5 and a candy bar to scoop out the insides of his happy Alana does it for free!


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