Sunday, July 6, 2014

Go Ahead and Unfriend Me

There have been times recently when I was looking at Facebook, and I noticed that someone who used to be my "friend", wasn't. I know I did not unfriend them, so the only option at that point is that they unfriended me. And you know what? Screw them. If my tolerant political views (which I never post on Facebook) and the pictures of my children offend them so much that they don't want to be my Facebook friend, then they aren't my real life friend either. I wash my hands of them.

Not too long ago I had someone send me a friend request, and after I accepted they asked me for a favor, which I did because I'm a nice person. Not long after that I noticed they had unfriended me. Clearly they had gotten what they needed, but was it completely necessary to unfriend me after that? Is my presence on their list of "friends" really bothering them that much that it required deleting? Obviously not everyone on my list of friends is someone I want to hang out with everyday, but if I don't want to see their Facebook feed because if I want to see a bunch of dumb political opinions I'd watch Fox News then I just unsubscribe. If they are constantly liking pictures of girls showing off their cleavage and I don't want to see that (true story) then I unsubscribe. Its that simple.

I guess if I still cared about what people thought, like I did when I was a teenager, then I would care more when some dumb person I went to high school with doesn't want to be my Facebook friend anymore. But if we were ever really friends, they wouldn't delete me. I don't even really get why someone wouldn't like me anyway. I'm not that bad. I'm a decent cook (not that they can taste my food through Facebook), I'm reasonably polite, I'm kind of funny. I'm not horrible to look at, and neither are my kids. I don't post about drama or fish for compliments/sympathy. As far as I know I'm tolerable. Maybe the pictures of my children offend them, or the occasional anecdote about my life. I guess I'm just too edgy for most people, they cannot handle it, and that's fine. I'm only mad I didn't unfriend them first.

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