Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer is Here

We are two weeks into summer and so far, its been pretty fun. Our schedule is less hectic, although there has still been tennis camp and summer school dance classes for Alana, but all those made me do was brush everyone's hair which isn't hurting anything. 

I was amazed at the end of the year how much both of the girls had grown. Those dorks are already asking how many days until school starts again. Sadly its only 44. 44 days until I have a kindergartener and a second grader. Yikes.

Alana did really well at tennis camp this year, I noticed a big improvement from last year and I think part of that is that she's older and slightly less uncoordinated. Slightly. She enjoyed it, even if it was already like 90 degrees outside at 9 am.

Witten is determined to spend a lot of his summer without pants. Whatever, less laundry that way.
Before summer officially started the girls (and their cousins but they're not pictured) had a lemonade stand. It was pretty successful, they took advantage of all of the yardsale customers and Alana offered each of them lemonade. She was the only kid who stayed out there the whole time, and she earned $10 for her efforts (the stand total was $20 and she got half because she did most of the work). Of course she spent half of her money on video games at Peter Piper, but whatever.
Maybe the most exciting thing so far this summer for my kids at least because I find it a little annoying is the small pool we set up in our back yard. They would spend all of their time in it if they could, but I prefer the air conditioned indoors so we don't live out there. Either way they have got some decent tans already and its only part way through June.

I'm looking forward to sitting on my couch some more this summer, besides on the weekends when there is an endless stream of birthdays or weddings or movies that David must go see. Other than that, we will be at home in our pajamas, not brushing our hair.

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