Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I've Evolved?

Tomorrow I turn 32. Yeah. Let's not talk about that....

I feel like, hopefully, I have gotten better with age. I feel like I'm just starting to figure some things out. Blowdrying your hair is a fine art that takes many years to master. There are things I'm still working on, things I want to improve, but mostly, I feel like I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing. I don't long to change anything in my life.

But still, I do change. I keep growing up and learning stuff. Growing old I guess. The things I find fun now are not things I ever thought I would like. If someone had told me 15 years ago (when I was 17, yikes!) that I would ever willingly go to Lowe's, much less want to go there, and buy a whole cartload of plants, I would have rolled my eyes and stunned them with my wit and teen angst. But now, I covet plants. My porch is covered with flowerpots and I spent a good hour yesterday digging holes to plant new bushes that I bought. I did this for fun people. I enjoyed it. It was weird. 

As we grow up, and along with that, grow old, we change. At least we should, just a little. We mature. Its supposed to happen. If it doesn't, things get awkward. If I still dressed the same now as I did when I was 17 I would look like an idiot, because 32 is kind of too old for an eyebrow ring and a t-shirt that says Boys Lie. Even if that shirt speaks the truth. I don't still watch Dawson's Creek, although its an awesome show....and I don't decorate my room with posters or those cheesy wine glass things you get at Prom. Because I'm an adult. I don't wear overalls or smear glitter all over my eyelids like its freaking lotion. Because I'm an adult. And the glitter would probably settle into those little fine lines that I now have around my eyes, thanks adulthood. I don't worry about what boys think of me, and I know exactly who I am and who I want to be without having to be defined by what I wear to school or if my jeans are the right name brand.

We have, to some extent, change with the times. Technology and life changes, and you can either embrace it, or keep using your giant flip phone like its 2004. Your choice. I was ridiculously opposed to Facebook 5 years ago, but now I look at it everyday. I swore on my life I would never ever ever type "LOL" on anything. Ever. Now I use it so often I almost said it aloud in conversation the other day. Instead of actually laughing, I came dangerously close to saying LOL. I have an iPhone, although I was opposed to it because I didn't need a smart phone. I still don't need it, but I have it so I may as well use it right?

Now that I'm an adult I take pride in different stuff, like a clean house and good food. I would rather have a yard full of green grass than a brand name purse, and I will work hard to get that. I don't mind being defined by my role as a mom, even though there is more to me than that. I watch more Peppa Pig than I would care to, but at least its not The Bachelor because seriously how can anyone stand that show? I cannot deny that I'm a grown up, so most of the time I will act like one. But if I get a chance to watch cartoons and eat cookies all day? I'm totally taking it.


Kerri said...

Happy birthday! The 30s are so much better than the 20s, I think.

We're big Peppa fans in this house too. In fact, Camden has taken on some British vocabulary thanks to that show. Like, he calls training wheels on bikes "stabilizers" now. ("Mommy, I don't need a bike with stabilizers!") Pretty entertaining stuff.

Jennifer said...

Thanks! I prefer my 30s too, life is hectic but good.

I'm so glad somebody else knows what that show is! I'm always having to explain it to people and they don't quite get it lol.

tiffany said...

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