Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ava Goes to Preschool

Well. I did it. I sent my squishy girl off to preschool. It wasn't something I really planned that far in advance, I'm not sure I've even come to terms with it still. But once Alana went to school I saw how bored Ava was at home with me, especially when Witten was napping.

So, I called a preschool about getting her in there. School had already started, but preschool hadn't yet. It was full, so they put her on a waiting list and I put it to the back of my mind. I didn't think that a spot would open up, so I forgot about it. Right around the day that preschool started they called me and said that they had a spot for her in their afternoon class. Its not really in our budget to pay the same amount as our car payment for Ava to go to preschool 3 days a week, so I applied for her to be in their scholarship program, but I had to wait and see if she got approved. So she didn't start right away, instead we waited almost a week waiting to hear from them. Then, on the day before she turned 4 they called and said she could start when she was ready. But what if I wasn't?

She went out and got a backpack, and some cupcakes since it was her birthday. She was excited, but since she's equal parts sweet and spunky, she was nervous and resistant. Ava is nothing if not attached to me, but she is also friendly once she warms up to people. She likes to play, and is more willing to play with people after she has met them a few times. So it goes without saying that both Ava and I were a little nervous about dropping her off with a bunch of people she didn't know. She cried a little when she went to bed, but with a little convincing I managed to get her to agree to go, especially once I told her it was pretty much a 3-hour long playdate. That did the trick, the rest of the day she was nothing but excited for her big day, her fourth birthday and first day of preschool at the same time. She even took time to accessorize herself, wearing her matching Doc McStuffins necklace and bracelet, talking about how everybody was going to think she looked so nice. She is girly in every moment of every day.

I took her to school when she was ready, and though she approached it cautiously, she went in willingly. She sized up the room, and after realizing that there were tons of toys and kids to be played with, walked on in like she'd been there everyday of her life. She washed her hands, met her teachers, then walked over to the play area without really even saying anything to me. After all of that anxiety, she was willing to wave me off like it hadn't happened. I hugged her and said goodbye, but was careful not to drag it out, then I left with just Witten and went home. It was weird, and too quiet at my house, and I didn't care for it.
At 3 o'clock Witten and I went and picked up both of the girls, since Ava's preschool is at a church right across from Alana's school, it makes it a little more convenient since they both get out at pretty much the same time. Alana walked in and sized the place up, officially giving it her seal of approval. Ava walked up to me all casually, hugged me tightly, then proclaimed that she had so much fun. She made friends, she ate cupcakes, she played, they had storytime, what's not to love?

Although I'm still not officially ready to send my baby away so much, she is going to kindergarten next year before she turns five, and I want her to be ready. She is sweet and loving and enthusiastic, but she is shy and can be stubborn about doing stuff that she wants to do. She hates getting into trouble though, and if its someone besides me giving her instruction (like her teacher) she will listen every single time without hesitation. The whole point of preschool for my shy girl is to have fun and socialize, and I think she is definitely accomplishing both of those things. I'm grateful that she has a chance to go to something that she can learn so much from, even if it means she won't be home with me forcing me to watch Caillou.

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