Friday, June 7, 2013

Kindergarten BFFs

Alana is such a social butterfly that I knew she'd have no problem making tons of friends when she started school. She can know someone for like half an hour and they're best friends already, so of course kindergarten was no exception.

Her all-time bestest of kindergarten friends was Kenna. Kenna received the most fan mail, you know, I love you, you're my best friend, yada yada yada, especially at the beginning of the year. She was also the most frequent playdate choice, which ended up being nice for me since I became friends with Kenna's mom. Kids are like matchmakers for friends, its funny how that works out. 

Kenna has also made a few appearances in my pictures, since Alana is always like Take our picture, we look nice today! and of course I obliged. Who wouldn't?

Another frequent playmate in the friends category was Akota. Alana played with her at Kenna's house a lot of times, which worked out good because all of the kids pretty much entertained themselves and mostly got along really well. Now that Alana is done with swimming and tennis camps this week she is asking to have her over for a playdate, I'll have to schedule that as soon as I catch my breath from this past week. I know they'll have fun and be excited to see each other like its been years, not just a couple of weeks.
The last two of Alana's friends were ones she didn't spend as much time with outside of school, but she still snuck in a few photo ops once in awhile. Dani hung out with her a lot in the mornings right before school, and stayed on the playground with her a few times after school. She was also one of the kids that came along with her group and I chaperoned when we went to the zoo. Dani actually got in the picture with me when Alana wouldn't, at least someone likes me. Claire is Alana's friend and lunchmate who she declared her cousin cause that's totally how it works right? Alana and Claire liked to sit together at lunch and trade foods. Alana had to take extra of some foods so that she could share it with Claire, and if she came home with an extra string cheese it was because Claire had brought it for her to give to Ava. I thought that was nice of her, thinking of Ava and bringing her stuff too. Girls are so considerate sometimes.
Me, Ava, and Dani

Waiting around on field day with her friends and classmates, Claire is the cutie with the gap toothed smile

The crazy thing about schools in small towns is that a good percentage of your classmates are going to be with you till the end. I went to school with 95% of the same people from 7th grade on, but David went to school with the same people from kindergarten on. Some of Alana's classmates are the kids of people that David went to kindergarten with. I know that a lot of the kids that Alana went to school with this year will move away or go to one of the smaller schools in this area (although Benson is the major one in Benson, there is also St David but its kind of a different town, you have to be from here to understand). I am just hoping that the good ones make it through with Alana till the end, its really cool to be able to say that you've known someone since you were five and you're still friends.

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Kate said...

So cute! Can't wait till my little man starts school and makes friends like this! Adorable little girls!
Belle la vie


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