Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Funny Valentines

This is the first year that Alana got to have a school Valentine's day party, and to say she was excited is an understatement. She picked out BOTH Brave valentines that came with a pencil and ring pops.

On Sunday before Valentine's day Alana got out her class list and got all set to write out the cards for her friends. She did them all herself with a glitter pen, she was pretty proud of the results.
 Ava supervised the card addressing process, then helped to eat the extra ring pops.

 In the last few months she went from having messy handwriting to having handwriting that is pretty neat and legible. Where is my baby going? She knows too much!
 She took heart-shaped rice krispy treats, her valentine cards and candy, and this awesome crayon wreath that she helped me make for her teacher. It may have been awesome, but it was annoyingly fragile. I reglued that thing like ten times.
 Heart tights, pink skirt and shoes, Strawberry Shortcake shirt, and pink conversation heart earrings. She's festive like that.
 Heart-shaped hair with a festive bow.
 I went and helped at Alana's school party, helping the kids to pass out their cards and still maintain some order. I was amused when the teacher stapled the bags of cards and candy closed so they couldn't open it until they got home. No Valentine's card and candy massacre in her classroom!
 The card and candy massacre occured on my kitchen table instead of at the school. And the candy part is still going strong.
 Ava supervised the card opening also, she's so helpful.
 Fun Dip! NO WAY!
 A bag of sugar and cards, all for my lady.
 I sent my girls flowers this year, they were pretty excited. And I HATE carnations, so daisies were my best alternative.
More candy and card madness. She's like, so popular.

My littlest Valentine didn't get any flowers or candy, but I gave him plenty of hugs and kisses and love.

These crazy wild kids are my favorite Valentines ever, sorry David, but you know they're way cuter than either of us.

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