Thursday, January 3, 2013

Milestones: Six Months Old

Come on dude, slow it down a little bit. Six months old? Really? You're joking me right? How are you already so big?

This dude won't give me a break. He is dangerously close to sitting up on his own, but he occasionally throws himself backwards so I have to sit behind him for a little bit of insurance. He can roll, forwards and backwards, but usually chooses to lay however we put him down, only turning to face another direction if something interesting is happening.

He only eats pureed foods a couple of times a week, because of my laziness. I have food that I've made to give him, but he is far from malnourished at 17 lbs 6 oz, so I was putting it off. I don't feed him store bought baby food, because it doesn't taste like the food that its supposed to be. I feed him fruits or veggies that I have prepared myself, or even some vanilla baby yogurt a few times.

The dude has discovered the built-in toys that are his feet, and tries to pull off every pair of socks I put on him. He is the Houdini of socks, if he can't grab onto them then he rubs his feet together at breakneck speed till the socks begin to slide off. Its quite a trick. The discovery of his hands a couple of months ago has helped him in his efforts to remove all socks, those things are handy, especially when you want to eat every toy handed to you ever.

His favorite trick is to shake his head no, which he does enthusiastically. We ask him questions and he shakes his head as fast as he can, and the answer is always no.

His chubby cheeks and perfect lips are just too kissable, I know because I give him lots of kisses. He tolerates it, but only really likes it if I tickle his chubby neck. That is hilarious indeed.

He LOVES to watch football with David, he will not even blink he stares at the TV so intently.

He turned six months the day after his first Christmas, which he found mildly amusing. He loved the tree and the lights and would stare at them like they were amazing. He also loved the wrapping paper, it was delicious. David let him pre-unwrap a present the last two weeks before Christmas. He would sit on David's lap and tear little bits of paper, then put the present in his mouth to taste test it. It must've been good because he tried to eat it everytime we handed it to him.

He is the sweetest and most lovable dude. I wish he would stay little for longer, this baby phase is too fleeting. He is handsome and full of personality and only smiles at the camera when he is plotting something, like taking off his Santa hat when I'm taking pictures, that was a good one. This dude makes me happy and I'm pretty sure that if I look away he will be turning one tomorrow. Better start planning his birthday party!

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