Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013: The Year of the Yoga Pants

It is January 9th and so far this year I have only worn jeans one time, and not even for the whole day. I have worn the same three pairs of yoga pants, on rotation, for a week and a half. The number of times I've washed my hair can be counted on one hand, and the times I've bothered with makeup on one finger. I think I can officially make an announcement here: I have gotten lazy.

I don't look completely horrible, but I'm far from photo ready right now. I am getting a haircut tomorrow so maybe I will turn a page on this laziness, but that is doubtful. 

Right now I'm in denial and lazy about getting dressed. Tuesday I start a microbiology class that I am not looking forward to, and Alana just went back to school Monday, and I always have things to do, but in my mind it is still Christmas break when I didn't leave my house for a week or change anyone out of their pajamas. Good times.

I would rather sit on the couch holding my dude than wash my hair or blog. But I don't neglect everything, I've still cooked dinner and baked excessive amounts of things and my house is clean. Too bad people can't see that, all they can see is my yoga pants and Nikes and lack of makeup which is SCARY.

Everyone deserves a chance to recover from Christmas, I'm just extending mine longer than usual. I barely took my tree down on Monday, that's new record for me. My brain hasn't even begun to function properly in this new year, exhibited by this blog which has no direction and no end in sight and I'm just rambling on, hoping something will come to me before I have to get up and cook dinner and make my kids stop eating Cheetos so they will eat whatever dinner I cook.

Let's summarize here: I am lazy. I have sorta writer's block combined with a short attention span...look over there> granola bars! I have no desire to wear non-elastic pants or put on makeup, but after I get a hair cut tomorrow at least part of me will look not gross. Witten is trying to grab the keyboard so he can vouch for my short attention span, but I won't let him chew on it so he is getting mad and I think I'll end on that. Before everyone quits reading, which I would've done about 200 words ago.

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