Monday, October 8, 2012

Six Times Three

Alana is now officially six and I'm in the post-birthday coming-to-terms with it phase. There isn't much I can do about her openly defying me and insisting on growing up, so I'll begrudgingly accept it. We've celebrated, now its time to share the pictures and move on with my life, grateful we're past the season of the year where all of my children's birthdays occur.

On Alana's actual birthday she had a playdate with a friend and we had cupcakes with her and sang Happy Birthday for the first time.

For dinner that night we went out to pizza and when we came back we had cake. Again. This time I didn't have any, cause it is possible for me to get sick of cake. And of course we sang Happy Birthday again.

On Saturday, just when we thought we were done with birthdays, we had an actual party at Peter Piper. We ate pizza, my nephew won 2,500 tickets on some random machine, Alana spent all of her tokens on Skee-Ball (that's what I used to do too, that game rules!), presents were opened, and weird wormy cupcakes were eaten. Alana might be the girliest of girls but the cupcakes she requested were "dirt cakes" dipped in Oreo crumbs and covered in gummy worms. I thought they were gross, but she liked them. Then we sang Happy Birthday for the third time. She liked it just as much as the first time. After the party we went to the movies to see Hotel Transylvania with my family which consists of about 100 people, which was an adventure. It was a good end to Alana's birthday extravaganza.

These gross worm cakes weren't even the last cupcakes I have to make for her birthday. She still has to take cupcakes to school for her birthday when fall break is over. I'm still a slave to the cupcake and dragging Alana's birthday out as long as possible.


Heather said...

I love that your girls are holding hands in the family photo. Hooray for birthdays and cake!

Jennifer said...

I didn't even notice that! I guess they secretly like each other


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