Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Husband

Happy birthday to my old man husband who turned 33 on Friday. A husband is someone who can annoy you like no one else, but you still keep them around. A husband will make you see 500 different movies where things explode in slow motion, but never let you live down your one bad movie choice in 11 years. A husband is a little bit like having another kid, but this one never grows up and moves out. A husband thinks his birthday should be a week long celebration, complete with his choice of movie (Argo, best movie choice he's made in a long time) and a homemade angel food cake and beef stroganoff (gross).

As sappy as I am about my kids, I do not get all lovey-dovey in public on a regular basis. You will never find a blog post where I rave on all emotionally about how old my husband is getting, how he's growing up so quickly. But I did choose to marry him, so I guess I like him a little bit after all. I think I'll keep him.

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