Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Air: Freshened

I have a Pinterest problem, centering around the Pinterest app on my phone. It makes it that much easier to scroll through 100s of recipes and photos and crafty crap, and I spend at least a little bit of time sitting in a chair feeding my dude.

In order to justify my Pinterest problem, I have to occasionally make some of the crap off of there. Kind of make it worth the time I spend scrolling through my phone. So today I did the easiest Pinterest thing I could find: freshened the air.

All you have to do is simmer water with good smellin' stuff in it and your house smells great. I personally HATE air fresheners and most scented things, so I don't want anything that smells artificial. So I threw in the orange peels from an orange I just ate and 4 cinnamon sticks and put in on the stove with some water for awhile and then BAM! my house smells like cinnamon like you wouldn't believe. Like strong enough that next time I'm only going to use 2 sticks, cause it is potent. But its freshened and it doesn't smell like last nights dinner, so that's a Pinterest success. 


Amy and Luke said...

Ha I didn't even know what Pinterest was until I had Ezra, now, Like you when I feed him that's all I look at. Hopefully I'll actually follow up on some of the ideas one day!

Brian and Janette said...

My mom made this exact recipe every fall and winter. Oh, the memories! Yum!

Jennifer said...

Janette your mom was way ahead of all these Pinterest ladies! It smells so good, I wanna buy more cinnamon!

Amy I know how that is, the only problem with looking at it on my phone is that I can't print anything off of there, so I have to go back to my pins on my computer to print off recipes, otherwise I forget about them.


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