Monday, September 10, 2012

I've Been Meaning to be Lazy

This weekend I wore the same clothes for 48 hours, didn't comb my kids hair, ate a whole bag of Dove Promises, and watched some dumb crap on TV. I wish I could do that every weekend. I brush enough hair during the week. My kids were lazy too. And football was on, so David didn't do much either.

Besides holding down the couch my kids blew bubbles in their pajamas at noon.

Then Witten slept on my bed next to me while I watched TV that did not make me any smarter.

Also: Alana made some sidewalk chalk masterpieces and claimed the ground as her property.

In spite of how this picture kind of looks, that is a foot with a shoe on it.

It's nice to be lazy when every weekday is suddenly filled with driving back and forth to get Alana from school and dumb errands and just way too much leaving the house. The only time I left my house this weekend was to buy some Dove chocolates and Food Network Magazine. I did this wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt and green plaid pants and by some miracle I saw no one I knew. That's how I know that fate pre-destined this weekend as a lazy one, because if I'd been seen in public it would've been a sign I should've gotten dressed that day. 

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