Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Need an I.O.U.

This lady has lost 2 teeth in the last month, both on the bottom. Plus one that the dentist pulled. Three gaps in her mouth = $3 that the tooth fairy had to pay her. The problem with the tooth fairy in these parts is that she doesn't carry cash. And she doesn't want to put her debit card under her kids pillow. So the tooth fairy has "borrowed" a dollar from Alana's piggy bank twice now. And then Alana puts her money in her piggy bank, so the tooth fairy has another dollar to recycle and give her next time she loses a teeth.

The tooth fairy now owes her $2, and she doesn't even know. It's like a pyramid scheme for kindergarteners, and she doesn't know she's investing. The tooth fairy should really hit up an ATM and keep some 1's on hand, cause she has another lose tooth. Otherwise the tooth fairy is gonna have to "borrow" another dollar bill and the interest is really starting to add up.

1 comment:

The Mrs. said...

Ha! The tooth fairy borrows from the piggy bank here too... Except my kids really like to get change from the tooth fairy... :)


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