Saturday, September 8, 2012

Great, It's Football Season

I'm just so excited for football season. If I could type in sarcasm I would. Italics will have to do. All of the games. And we have NFL Sunday Ticket so we get every. Single. Game. Sundays are the best!

And the constant discussion of What should we eat when there's football on? It must be wings or something equally labor intensive and manly! And the men don't do the cooking. Cause they have important couch holding down duties to attend to. Gotta get your money's worth out of the expensive football TV subscription.

Every fall Sunday is a day to watch football, even if the Cowboys aren't playing. Other days are for football too. Even if its college football on Saturday. Or two crappy teams on Monday night. Or Thursday night football. Is no day sacred NFL? Give me a day off!

My children are Cowboys fans from birth, whether they like it or not. They've been wearing silver & blue stars since before they could walk. Even Witten is sporting a Cowboys onesie.

David's devotion is without question. Win or lose, he loves the Cowboys. He will never say a word against them. He owns a Tony Romo for President t-shirt. Every year he anxiously awaits the start of football. The Superbowl is bittersweet to him. One, because the Cowboys haven't been in it for awhile. Two, because that's the end of football season. I do a secret victory dance that it's over for awhile, but there's always other sports to watch, and when that fails there are plenty of pawn shop TV shows for him to watch instead.

David is hyped, since the Cowboys won their first game. The only thing that I'm sure of is that it's gonna be a long football filled fall. Hopefully my husband won't be depressed at the end of half of the Sundays like last year.

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