Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sneaking up on me

Before I know it this little monster girl will be 3. Yikes! Her birthday has snuck up on me because the last month and a half has been so busy with kindergarten and having Witten. Ava has been a middle child since birth, never demanding much attention, perfectly content to lay on the floor and stare up at the ceiling fan when she was just a little baby.

Now she's already going to be 3 and since she is our forgotten middle child we decided to take her to Peter Piper for her party, which is both of my girls dream birthday because hello they have a slide and a merry go round and a roller coaster and its awesome!

I now spend way more time with just Ava than I ever have because Alana is at school and Witten is asleep, so I know that even though she misses her sister she is glad to be home with me enjoying her last 2 years before school. Time needs to slow down a whole lot because I swear I just started this blog and she was just a little good natured baby and now she is a giant almost 3 year old who talks way too much and cries everyday when Alana goes to school.

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